Minimalism in theatre – Peter Brooke

I don’t want to get too carried away by just the minimalistic art work because one of my bullet point for my proforma was ‘How did the minimalism movement influence theatre design’

“A great example is Peter Brook’s renowned “white box” Midsummer Night’s Dream of 1971, designed by Sally Jacobs; the stark minimalism of his staging (at least judging from photographs) was attention-grabbingly bold, but also beautifully appropriate to the plays, forcing audiences to reassess Shakespeare as modern and nimble rather than cumbersome and velvety.”

Peter Brooks’ mid summer nights dream
Act 3 scene 1 – Mid summer nights dream

There was no scenery, Sally Jacobs’ design used simple plained white canvas and a trapeze to conjured the mysteries of the night.

I feel like I’ve jumped a huge step from minimalism art to minimal theatre so I’m going to try to tie everything in by looking at the earliest minimalistic scenery in theatre.


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